A lively group of Rotary North Harbour Rotarians and friends of Rotary North Harbour came together and created a Christmas themed dinner and entertainment in support of up to 100 children, families and siblings staying at Ronald McDonald House, The Mews. 
What a privilege it was to work as volunteers for Ronald McDonald House, The Mews, Auckland on 15 December 2016. 
After a couple of meetings to discuss a suitable menu and entertainment, the plan was executed.  Funding was approved by Rotary North Harbour Rotarians, entertainment was organised, shopping was done by friends of Rotary and Rotarians, and on the day, food was prepared in the commercial kitchen at North Shore Squash Club by Rotarians and Friends of Rotary and the finishing touches done at Ronald McDonald House.  What a huge undertaking we set ourselves!  Due to the size of the kitchen at Ronald McDonald House only 8 cooks and 4 entertainers were able to support the evening at Ronald McDonald House, The Mews.    A Christmas themed dinner and entertainment…..legs of ham, lamb, roast potatoes and kumara, an array of salads and vegetables, Christmas cake, meringues, strawberries, jelly and ice-cream were on offer. 
The Minions joined Rotarians in singing Christmas Carols as the entertainment!  The families, children and siblings were very appreciative of the entertainment and a lovely dinner after a long hard day at the hospital.  For us to have this opportunity to support and bring a smile to weary faces at the end of the day was an absolute pleasure. 
This day truly captured Rotarians and friends of Rotary doing what they do best - service before self.  Everyone enjoyed this volunteer cook so much that we have scheduled in two more volunteer cooks in 2017!